World rescale for American Truck Simulator  .  December 12, 2016

Our work on the rescale of American Truck Simulator world is finished! Looking back, we see thousands of hours that we have invested into this project over the last six months in the extensive rescale from 1:35 to 1:20. Check out ATS on Steam!

Vive la France ! expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is out!  .  December 5, 2016

We are proud to announce that the Vive la France ! map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is now available for purchase and activation. Check it out on Steam!

American Truck Simulator released!  .  February 2, 2016

We are back in the USA with our new game American Truck Simulator, available digitally and in retail all over the world. Visit the official website and download the demo on Steam!

World of Trucks is launched!  .  October 16, 2013

World of Trucks represents our long standing dedication to Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. World of Trucks's ultimate goal is creating an environment where our community can meet, interact and compete with each other in the expansive trucking universe. Join in and start using new Euro Truck Simulator 2 features now!

Scania Truck Driving Simulator on Mac!  .  March 15, 2013

Scania Truck Driving Simulator is joining the original Euro Truck Simulator and Bus Driver on Mac App Store. Finally Apple Mac players have a chance to play the game, too. Our focus is 100% now on porting Euro Truck Simulator 2 to Mac OS.

Download demo of Euro Truck Simulator 2!  .  October 19, 2012

After almost three years of development, we have just released ETS2 both in retail and digital editions across Europe. Get the demo from the official website at!

Deer Drive now on Mac App Store  .  November 9, 2011

Mac OS port of Deer Drive is completed and available on Mac App Store. We are going to accelerate the porting effort now - the next title headed for Mac is Euro Truck Simulator. We have already been working on the Mac version for considerable time; we know that it is one of our most sought-after games.

Trucks & Trailers Demo is ready!  .  June 16, 2011

The game is due to start appearing in retail stores across Europe later this week, and we are happy to announce availability of the Trucks & Trailers demo. You can find more info on the official Trucks & Trailers website.

Bus Driver available for Mac OS X  .  June 10, 2011

We are proud to announce that we have achieved excellent progress in porting our 3D engine to Apple Mac platform, and the first fruits of the effort are now available, with our game Bus Driver for Apple Mac appearing on App Store today.

SCS Software's website relaunched!  .  April 21, 2011

We are proud to unveil a new look of our official web site. The look is cleaner, information about our games should be easier to find, the screenshots are better organized, the HTML is crunchier and perhaps even faster to load.

In the recent months, we have increased our involvement with our truck games fan community a lot, so if you are interested in learning more about our upcoming truck simulations, you should also make sure to visit our official blog, our Facebook page, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow our Twitter!

18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2  .  January 18, 2011

A new game in the 18 Wheels of Steel series - Extreme Trucker 2 - is now shipping to retail stores across the USA, and also popping up on various digital distribution portals. You can also find the demo on official Extreme Trucker 2 website. The game should eventually appear in stores elsewhere, so far Germany, Russia, and most of Eastern Europe have been confirmed. A couple of movies to quickly check it out can be found on SCS Software's YouTube channel.

Things to do this weekend if you are our fan from the UK  .  February 19, 2010

UK Truck Simulator should be on the store shelves across the UK as of today, so you know what to do really! :-) We have just re-launched the official game website to celebrate the game release - you can visit it at Also a brand new promo trailer for the game now up on YouTube.

German Truck Simulator available  .  January 14, 2010

As German Truck has started appearing in stores in Germany thanks to rondomedia, we are also giving you a chance to download English-language demo of the game from our site. We have also re-launched the game's official website at

Download 18 WoS Extreme Trucker demo!  .  November 5, 2009

Finally, the digitally distributed trial version of Extreme Trucker is available for download. You can look forward to a multi-language build of the game, containing English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian localizations. Hurry and grab it from our Extreme Trucker demo download page, or from the official 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker website.

Extreme Trucker screens  .  September 8, 2009

18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker is almost ready, it will be released on the market in USA in mid-October. It's time to publish a few screenshots from this newest truck driving game!

Hunting Unlimited 2010 out in stores  .  August 13, 2009

Another yearly update of the only surviving retail hunting franchise on the PC is now on the store shelves. Find out more in the dedicated section on our server. Or you can jump directly to download the free game demo - check it out!

New free content patch for Euro Truck Simulator  .  June 12, 2009

We have just released a new patch for the game, updating it to version 1.3. You can grab the updates for the various editions of the game here: Euro Truck Update. We have come a long way from the original game, with new destinations and roads in the UK and several fixes and improvements included.

Hunting Unlimited 2009 section added  .  July 23, 2008

The newest game in the series is covered on our Hunting Unlimited 2009 page.

18 Wheels of Steel Bundle - great value in one comfortable package  .  March 19, 2008

Come explore the past seasons of 18 Wheels games with us. A new four-game pack including 4 previous years of the 18 Wheels series is available as a free trial/demo here: 18 Wheels of Steel Bundle.

American Long Haul demo  .  November 30, 2007

Online demo of the latest game in the 18 Wheels of Steel series has been launched, you can grab it from our server. Official 18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul website is up and running now, too.

Euro Truck Simulator  .  October 4, 2007

We have just launched the official website for our upcoming Euro Truck Simulator. The very first screenshots from the newest in a long string of truck games developed by SCS Software were also posted on our image gallery.

Trucks everywhere!  .  June 12, 2007

We have just released TruckSaver - 3D screensaver with a trucking theme for the PC. Please find out more about this big rig screen saver at TruckSaver website.

This is just a first small step in a series of announcements - we have two new trucking games under development now! Expect news about these future titles very soon.

Bus Driver released  .  March 22, 2007

SCS Software has today released Bus Driver, an eagerly anticipated bus driving game for the PC, into digital distribution. We have also launched the offical Bus Driver website with more information about this unique driving game.

Two New Games  .  September 18, 2006

Two new games developed by SCS Software have just entered retail distribution in Northern America! Have fun with our latest truck sim 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin' and our all new hunting game Hunting Unlimited 4. Both titles add major new improvements to the series, and we have noticed quite positive buzz on fan websites. Thanks! Downloadable demos for both titles should be available in a couple of weeks.

Deer Drive Launched!  .  April 24, 2006

How fast is your aim? We have unveiled the official Deer Drive website - the game is finally ready! Deer Drive is a very different game than the usual crop of heavy-weight hunting simulations - it's simple to play, addictive 3D shooter with stage-based gameplay, as herds of deer are driven into the player's sights.

SCS Software is expanding  .  February 2, 2006

Always wanted to create games? Join us!
We are looking for artists, designers, and programmers on all levels.

Hunting Unlimited 2 & 3 tournaments site  .  November 29, 2005

After the publisher of our Hunting Unlimited series - Arush Entertainment - went into receivership, the HU2 and HU3 tournmanents websites went offline. To support our customers who kept bombarding us with inquiries and requests to get the sites back up and running for months, today we are unveiling a new home for the tournaments. This new replacement HU home integrates tournament system for both games with a single login into the message board.

New Truck Game: 18 Wheels of Steel Convoy  .  September 6, 2005

We have finished work on the latest title in our truck sim series, 18 Wheels of Steel Convoy, and the game is going to hit the store shelves any day now. Free trial demo version of the game is already available.

OceanDive unveiled  .  March 8, 2005

We have just released our latest 3D title: OceanDive - Ocean Diving adventure. OceanDive is a free state-of-the art 3D scuba diving screensaver and exploration game (the exploration part can be unlocked by credit card purchase). We have also just launched the official OceanDive 3D screensaver website.

Demo version of Pedal to the Metal!  .  December 21, 2004

We have started offering direct download link to the demo of our latest truck game 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal. We hope this will make it easier for the fans of this truck games series to find the demo and try it out. Look for the link on the game's page, or simply click here.

New games now in stores!  .  September 6, 2004

This week, copies of both Hunting Unlimited 3 and 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal should start appearing on the shelves at most retailers. Both games are a big step up from the last season, and we hope the series fans will enjoy them a lot.

Hunting Unlimited 3 screenshots  .  July 15, 2004

We have added several screenshots from the next installment of Hunting Unlimited series currently under development to the screenshots section of our website. We hope hunting game fans are going to join in for a great ride!

18 Wheels of Steel Pedal to the Metal screenshots  .  May 21, 2004

We have added several screenshots from our latest game in development to the screenshots area. The game is still far from finished, but we feel that what we have already is worth showing. Threre is also an interview about the game conducted by TruckPol on their message forum.

Patch for Across America available for download  .  October 22, 2003

There is a new patch upgrading our game 18 Wheels of Steel Across America to version 1.10 available for download on ValuSoft tech support site. Please follow this link to download it; its size is around 8 MB. A list of tweaks and fixes is here.

Two new games from SCS have gone gold this week  .  September 5, 2003

We have just finished work on two new games - Hunting Unlimited 2 for publisher ARUSH Entertainment and 18 Wheels of Steel: Across America for ValuSoft, continuing our established series of truck games and hunting games. Both games are already in duplication and should appear on the shelves in a couple of weeks.

You can find pictures from both games in the screenshots section of our website.

SCS relocated to a new office  .  April 16, 2003

We have once again moved in order to satisfy our never ceasing hunger for more room. The new high-ceilinged office is located even closer to the city center, just a short walk from the Namesti Miru metro station:

SCS Software
23 Jana Masaryka, Prague 2, 120 00
Czech Republic

Why do we need more space? We are currently at work on two PC games to be released later this year, expect official announcements shortly as the information is cleared for release. Fans of our previous titles have something to look forward to... ;-)

18 Wheels of Steel patch available  .  November 21, 2002

Patch upgrading our game Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel to version 1.2 has been just released. Please visit the official ValuSoft Tech Support site to download it.

Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel development wrapped up  .  August 9, 2002

Another fine game developed by SCS Software has officially gone "Gold" a couple of days ago andthe publisher ValuSoftis expected to start shipping it to stores in about a week. We have spent 7 extremely tough months working on the game, but in our opinion the result really justifies the effort. Have fun behind the wheel!

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Patch  .  June 18, 2002

Patch upgrading the game to version 1.01 was just released. Please visit the 3D Realms website for a list of download sites as well as overview of issues that have been fixed in the patch. Since the game was released in late May, a ton of very positive reviews were published all over the web. We have collected as many of them as we could find on our DNMP page.

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project is Gold  .  May 9, 2002

Congratulations to folks at Sunstorm Interactive on the completion of this great little game that combines the fun of good old 2D platform games and Duke's attitude with state of the art 3D looks. DNMP is the most ambitious game built on our Prism3D engine yet, but it's only a hint of what is to come. We're very proud that we have been a part of the great team that brings you DNMP. Look for the game in stores in a couple of weeks.

Hunting Unlimited patch released  .  October 19, 2001

A patch upgrading the game to version 1.1 has just become available for download. You can choose to download it from Valusoft tech support site, Hunters Realm Forums or Arush Entertanment website. The patch brings performance enhancements, fixes incompatibilities with some older 3d accelerators, and as a special bonus adds 25 new missions in 5 Master difficulty campaigns.

What do you think?  .  October 15, 2001

Initial reactions from people who have seen and played Hunting Unlimited are very encouraging. Would you like to share your thoughts about the game with others? Then pay a visit to Hunters Realm Forums, or check out the Message board on Sunstorm Interactive website.

Hunting Unlimited shipping  .  October 3, 2001

After months of development in secrecy, the moment is finally here. Late last week, ValuSoft started shipping copies of Hunting Unlimited to all major retailers across the United States. The game was developed by SCS Software in cooperation with Sunstorm Interactive for Arush Entertainment. It combines breath taking visuals with fast-paced action available in over 200 various hunting scenarios stalking whitetails, mule deer, elk, moose and brown bears.

SCS in the news  .  April 27, 2001

Shark is collecting very positive reviews so far, check out what the guys at Game Zone and Games Domain think about the game. Also, an article about the history of SCS Software was just published on Bonus Web, Czech web site dedicated to computer games coverage.

Shark is out in stores!  .  March 15, 2001

Shrink-wrapped boxes of Shark! Hunting the Great White, our latest game created in cooperation with Sunstorm Interactive and published by Infogrames, have started to appear on the shelves across the United States. We hope you will enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

We have moved to a new office  .  February 6, 2001

And we are pretty excited about the cozy 150+ square meters (over 1600 square feet) penthouse office. From now on, look for us at our new address

SCS Software
1 Jagellonska, Prague 3, 130 00
Czech Republic

Shark! Hunting the Great White  .  January 30, 2001

The information embargo on our latest project is at last about to be lifted. Shark is in the final stages of development now, and we can show off a couple of screenshots of what's cooking...

Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3 in stores  .  September 20, 2000

Boxes of our first ever retail game have started to show up in stores, and the initial reaction from the players is very enthusiastic! See for yourself on Sunstorm or Hunters Realm message boards.

Meanwhile, our unannounced project is moving full steam ahead and should reach alpha in a few days.

RMTH3 proclaimed Gold!  .  August 23, 2000

Yes, after months of hard work, the gold master CD of Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3 is finally off for duplication! Look for the game in stores in mid September. While the final tweaks were taking place, we have been secretly hammering on a new unannounced project. More news on it to come soon ;-).

RMTH3 screenshots  .  June 23, 2000

Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3, the game we are creating for Sunstorm Interactive, is in the final stages of development. It's about time we started posting screenshots of some of the cool stuff you can look forward to ;-)

New web site design unveiled  .  April 21, 2000

Our web pages have been redesigned for your viewing pleasure. Big thanks go out to the guys at Pixel Factory.

Another TERRENG-based game in stores  .  March 20, 2000

The success of Deer Hunter 3 (the game was rated #3 and #6 by PC Data for the months of November and December respectively) was begging for more. Say Hi! to Deer Hunter 3 Gold Edition, with new maps, new weapons, and new gameplay mode!

A Pile of News  .  November 25, 1999

So much work, so little time; we haven't updated the site for quite a while.

Deer Hunter III has been in stores for almost two months now, and it's doing fantastic - according to PC Data it placed at #2 in the October US Games retail charts. Why are we mentioning it? The game is using our TERRENG 4.0 software renderer! :-)

We have finished moving into more spacy offices across the river, closer to the Prague center, so be sure to check out the Contacts page if you wish to reach us.

We would like to welcome David, Jan, Jaroslav, Jiri, Milan, Pavel, Vaclav and Zbynek onboard. With this new talent, SCS Software is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the industry. We do not plan for more additions in immediate future, but you never know, it's quite possible we will be thinking about growing the company some more early next year, so keep those resumes coming!

We have started work on a new game title developed for Sunstorm Interactive. Since we are bound by non-disclosure agreements, we cannot yet reveal anything more. It's safe to say though that Sunstorm hunting titles fans will be very happy ;-).

The Jump  .  November 3, 1999

SCS Software is in the middle of moving into our new offices. From now on, look for us on this address:

SCS Software
20 Trojicka, Prague 2, 120 00
Phone: ++420 2 24 91 31 24

Deer Hunter III about to go gold  .  September 10, 1999

Deer Hunter III, next iteration of the best-selling Deer Hunter franchise from GT Interactive is in the final polishing stages of production. The game is using version 4.0 of SCS Software's TERRENG renderer, and boasts advanced features like water bodies and network play. Find out more about it in this press release from WizardWorks.

UPDATE: Deer Hunter 3 just went gold! (September 15)

In other news, we are planning to move into new offices real soon now that veryperspective candidates for our open job positions keep coming. Looks like the new project will be started in a few weeks!

SCS Software is looking for you  .  July 25, 1999

Our job openings page has been set up. We are looking for talented programmers and artists to fill vacant positions for our new projects. This is a great opportunity to enter the gaming industry, so make sure to check out the jobs page!

RMTH II nearing completion  .  July 18, 1999

Sunstorm is hard at work putting last finishing touches to Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter II: Above the Treeline. This is yet another title whose graphics engine's software renderer is using code developed here at SCS Software. Follow this link to find out more about it. It's highly confidential and I can't say any more, but another huge title using our software renderer is approaching beta stages.

Fast Internet access at last  .  July 2, 1999

After months of despair over our modem connection, we have finally upgraded our Internet pipe to a lightning fast wireless connection provided by InWay.

We are back at work  .  May 31, 1999

It's been a great trip. Our presentation at E3 went perfectly. We have also seen a lot at the competition booths, yet we are confident that our in-house technology is very competitive and will a make a huge impact once released! Our super secret project is growing by bounds and leaps.

Before coming home, we have taken a short trip around California and Nevada, and visited Sunstorm Interactive at Indianapolis, Indiana - our bussiness associates.

Off for E3!  .  May 11, 1999

We are heading to sunny Los Angeles for this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. We will be showing our super secret project behind closed doors to a selected audience, and checking out what the competion has got in store.

Deer Hunter II still alive and kicking  .  April 18, 1999

Six months after its introduction, the game is still doing well and has placed #15 in the just released March sales chart by PC Data. Hats off to Sunstorm! We are proud we have helped this great product become a reality.

New Games using our technology released  .  March 28, 1999

GT Interactive has recently released two new hunting titles using our software renderer. Developed by Sunstorm Interactive, Bird Hunter: Upland Edition and Grand Slam Turkey Hunt are both great games for hunting enthusiasts.

Deer Hunter II on top again  .  January 15, 1999

PC Data has just released their best seller charts for December. Deer Hunter II made it again! It's been topping the chart for three months in a row now. We are finishing work on a next generation software-fallback renderer for more similar projects, but our sights are firmly set on our main goal - finishing our secret project.

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