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Creative Enthusiasts

From experienced veterans to fresh hires, you can always be sure that our company is full of forward-thinking and motivated people.

Unique Technology

In-house solutions and technologies are our biggest pride. We strive to be as independent as we possibly can and the only limitation is our imagination.

Great Community

Many claim they have the best community, but they probably haven't met ours yet. Extremely friendly and involved, we couldn't ask for a better audience.

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Creating the real simulator

Ilona Brabcová

Ilona has joined the company back in 2016 as a Junior Tester. She's instantly fell in love with the team and the process how the in-game world is being made. Her passion and determination led her straight to a Map Designer position within only a few months. Her enthusiasm motivates us all.

Ondřej Matějka

In the same way you call Ghostbuster to get rid of ghosts, we call Ondřej when we want to hear the grass grow! He's a one-man audio army that provides our projects with the most suitable sound atmosphere and deserving quality. Ondřej is a seasoned professional and worked on many big projects across many different movies, games and other forms of media as a sound expert or music composer!

Štěpán Sedláček

Stepan can be called the architect of our European in-game world. He has been a world designers' team leader since the main project of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and for every map expansion since. He's a loving father and husband, he likes reading books, gaming, music and refreshing his life energy on wanderings in nature. His passion for our games and attention to even the smallest detail is an inspiration for his colleagues.

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Technology with passion

Virtual Reality

Taking on projects such as ours puts us under a lot of pressure to recreate reality in the highest level of detail possible - the truck physics, proper artificial intelligence for traffic flows, focusing on the nitty-gritty details of country-specific traffic laws or staying true to real-life sceneries and landmarks.

We strive to check all these boxes and bring to our fans the best representation of real life as far as possible. We do so by constantly upgrading our current technologies and know-how, and even working on niche projects such as support for Virtual Reality headsets. None of these would have been possible to such an extent without our own in-house technological solutions.

Prism like no other

We continue to push the boundaries through our dedication to creating and continuously improving our own independent 3D game engine called Prism3D. Built from scratch and tailored to our very needs, we are free to customize each and every part of our engine as our heart desires, to devise custom solutions to our unique challenges.

Flexibility and adaptability is paramount to us; our Prism3D engine and its games are available on all kinds of different operating systems. Our open approach to game modding has encouraged the creation of amazing assets, and keeps our avid fans busy with experimenting and tinkering with our asset-creation toolchain.

More about our technology (Prism3D)

Community to co-create

To know the audience

We aspire to stay very close to our fans and friends in all communication channels. We have more than one case when a fan not only became our friend, but also a colleague and joined us at our office! We know our audience and what it wants and we try our best to provide them with what they want.

Voice to hear out

Our fans are very vocal and are not afraid to state what they think of our current changes and additions. Almost immediately we can collect enough feedback to rethink if our steps were in the right direction or if we should try and adjust our developments. We are incredibly thankful for such a big and loud community!

Truckers family

The trucker community is incredibly tight and dedicated to their big rig passion. With the help of real life trucking veterans from both USA and Europe, we are able to ask for feedback from people who have spent more time behind the wheel than we could ever achieve! We value our greatest contributors and are very happy to have such a tight connection with them.