18 Wheels of Steel Convoy

Truck driving game
18 Wheels of Steel Convoy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I start the game the screen is black, except for elements on the HUD like speedometer. What is wrong?

A: Check to see whether you have a computer equipped with an ATI 3D card.
Make sure to update to the latest ATI drivers!
Older ATI drivers have a bug in them that is causing all the graphics in the game to turn black. Go to www.ati.com, continue to "Drivers & Software" and select the appropriate up-to-date driver for you operating system. If your graphics driver is several months old or older, you would most likely benefit from a driver upgrade.

Q: My computer is equipped with an NVidia FX 5200 (5500, 5700) card and the game feels rather slow. What can I do?

A: These are actually low-end Nvidia cards that have very good features, but they are rather slow. Try decreasing the screen resolution at which the game is running. Try changing the "Shader quality" to "NV2X" variant as it is much speedier than the default "NV3X" code. To do this, switch to "Advanced" tab of the game launcher dialog and select the desired choice from the "Shader quality" listbox.

Q: I am seeing a lot of graphics artifacts like badly colored and flickering trees, truck cabins with wildly flashing colors, or even whole trucks geometry being all wrong, with just a random collection of triangles dancing around in place of the truck's cabin. What's up?

A: This bug is happening on NVidia cards in the GeForce 2/3/4(MX)/FX series when ForceWare drivers from the 7x.xx line are applied. Unfortunately, it's a driver bug, not a bug in our game, and we could not do anything about it for a long time.
According to our tests now, the driver bug is finally fixed as of ForceWare version 81.98.
Make sure to update to lastest Nvidia drivers!

Q: How can I tell what 3D card is in my computer and which driver version I am using?

A: Right click anywhere on the Windows desktop surface besides any program icon A context menu will appear - click on "Properties." Display Properties dialog will show up. Switch to the "Settings" tab. Click the Advanced button. A new dialog will appear with a lot of different tabs. The sequence from now on may be slightly different depending on the manufacturer of your 3D card. Switch to Adapter tab, and you should learn what kind of 3D card ("Adapter Type") is in your computer, for example ATI RADEON 9600 Series, or NVidia 5200 series. You can further click the Properties button on this tab to learn more details about the driver version and date. (This applied to Windows XP, the procedure may be different on older Windows versions)
    ... alternatively:
There is a utility on all Windows machines that is called DXDiag (for DirectX Diagnostics) that reports all kinds of technical details about the computer. It can be launched simply by clicking on the "Start" button in Windows, selecting the "Run" option, and typing "dxdiag" (without apostrophes) into the window that will appear. The DirectX Diagnostics utility will show up, scan your computer in a few seconds, and you will be able to see all kinds of information organized on several tabs. You will find the information about your 3D card summarized on the "Display" tab.
Note: When in touch with tech support, it may be desirable to send a copy of the dxdiag output along with your tech request, simply click the "Save All Information" button, and store the output in a text file which may be attached to e-mail.)

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