Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

Action game
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

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Gaming's king of action returns in an all new adventure, this time in New York City.

Produced by 3D Realms
Published by Arush Entertainment
Developed by Sunstorm Interactive

3D engine: Prism3D by SCS Software

Get the 1.01 patch from: 3D Realms

Download the demo from: DNMP page at 3D Realms

Check out the barebones DNMP level construction tutorial


Duke Nukem: Manhattan project reviews (we did the research for you):

  • Action Trip (80%) "...I have to admit I had a lotta fun"
  • Actionvault "...an instantly accessible and enjoyable gaming experience"
  • Adrenaline Vault (4/5) "...What a great looking game! [...] one hell of a good trip"
  • Australian Game Zone (85%) "...the graphics [...] are crisp & look fantastic"
  • avidgamer (90%) Reviewer's Choice, "...an absolute blast"
  • Electric Playground (7/10) "...does a great job of bringing Duke back to the PC"
  • ELiTeD (80%) "...I don't see why you haven't bought it already"
  • epiGamer (7.5/10) "...The visuals in Manhattan Project are quite outstanding"
  • Fragtopia (4/5) "...DNMP presents itself very well with excellent 3D graphics"
  • Gaming Horizon (B+) "...it's pure old-school fun, period"
  • Game Club Central (7/10) "...Duke Nukem has entered 2002 without missing a step"
  • GameGuru Mania (80%) "...I was surprised by how fun this game is!"
  • Game Over (81%) "...a refreshing evolutionary step for the platform game"
  • GamePen (4.5/5), Numb Thumb Award "...great graphics, great sound"
  • Gamersclick! (82%) Verdict: Superb "...run out and purchase this game immediately"
  • Gamer's Hell (7.8/10) "...go out and buy Duke Nukem: MP today"
  • Gamers Pulse (82/100) "...as for the graphics, this is one of the game's high points"
  • Gamers Temple (76%) "...a good-looking game at a great price"
  • Games Domain (Top Game)  "...it's hard to see how they could have made it any better"
  • Games-Fusion (80%) "...it's well worth the purchase"
  • GameSpot (7.9/10) ..."when it's good, it's very, very good"
  • GameSpy (83/100) "... the 3D engine really makes it look good"
  • Game Tactics (8/10) "...possibly one of the best games of the summer"
  • GameZilla "...graphics are simple, but effective"
  • GameZone (8.1/10) "...graphics are super sharp and look really good"
  • Gaming Age (B-, Good) "...a budget price with big-budget gameplay behind it"
  • Gaming Excellence (78%) "...something that hasn't been done in a long time"
  • Gamitopia (75%) "...it truly is a fun game to play"
  • Gone Gold (89/100), Gold Award "...a surprisingly fun game"
  • HomeLAN "...diverting and fun title that brings the side-scrolling genre back"
  • IceGameWare "...this game is fun, cheap and runs great"
  • LoadedInc (8/10), LoadedInc Recommends "...the game is very enjoyable"
  • Lone Gamers "... a definite purchase"
  • Longest Line (8.14/10) "...you can't find a better ratio of fun to money"
  • MGON (7.9/10), Playworthy! "...some unique features as well as excellent gameplay"
  • Mindless Games (7.9/10) "...This game is fun! [...] you really can't go wrong"
  • Next Level Gaming (5/6) "...game play is definitely where this game shines"
  • PC Game Central (62%) "...just for those that want a modern side-scroller"
  • PC.IGN (7.7/10) "...a polished, tried, and true title"
  • Pregaming (8/10) "...a fun, old-school fun, game"
  • Prophecy (8.1/10) "...all in all, a great title"
  • SavePoint (8/10) "...don't wait for Duke Nukem forever, buy this now"
  • Tuplay "...a well-polished blast from the past [...] you'll definitely have a good time"
  • UK Gamer (9/10) "...solid platform shoot'em-up game with an excellent 3D engine"
  • VGN (Thumbs Up) "...a nice romp back to the old school gaming"
  • Viper Lair (Viper's Lair Recommended) "...you can't really go wrong with this one"
  • Wargamer "...I was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail"
  • Well Rounded Entertainment "...a burst of fresh air"

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