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Hunting Unlimited 3

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Hunting Unlimited 3

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Travel throughout the United States, Canada and exotic Zambia to lock your sights on the prey of a lifetime. Unique action-packed missions will get your quarry running and your heart pumping.

Track the quarry of your choice- White-tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Buffalo, Elk, Grizzly, Moose, Mountain Goat, Mountain Lion and Wild Boar.

Explore the rugged landscapes of Alberta, Canada, Arizona, Maine, Oregon, Tennessee.

Take the hunt to the harsh Zambian landscape to track down Lions, Elephants and Kudu.

Experience your perfect shot from a bullet's view with the enhanced Bulletcam.

Perfect your shot at the Target Range before the big hunt.

Travel the rough terrain on foot, horse and ATV to search out and bring home that prized trophy.

Scout for the perfect kill in 6 expansive hunting regions, complete with richly detailed animals & realistic animal behaviors.

Track your quarry in 50+ action-packed mission challenges or roam the landscape in Free Hunt mode.

Pick the perfect tools for each of your hunts, selecting from over 30 weapons and accessories.

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