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Why to join us?

In SCS Software we are all equal members of a multinational team where every voice matters. We honour values like teamwork, passion, willingness, loyalty and determination to become better and more experienced in things we do. Our management supports bright ideas and smart suggestions, creativity. We always try to give everyone space and opportunity to develop their talents. We know that every chain is only as strong as its weakest link, hence we ensure that every person in a team, no matter if junior or senior, will get a helpful hand. We are independent and well-established member of gaming industry and we want you to join us. We are a team, colleagues, friends - we are SCS Software!

You grow - we grow

While we highly appreciate hard work, we also keep in our minds that big things are composed of small details. We try to give enough space and mentoring to everyone who wants to grow and build a career within our company. The effort our teammates put into their work is never overlooked. We grow together along with our projects and do not leave anyone behind. We set our goals higher with every new project and everybody plays a role in them. This is the way we work on our worldwide successful and well-known games which have millions of fans and players every single day.

No ordinary benefits

Every member of our company is a unique person with individual needs, wishes, and dreams. In our modern and comfortable office, we put emphasis to good lighting, noiseless and healthy working space where we can focus. Comfortable and healthy chairs with adjustable desks, yoga lessons, massages, relax zone and fresh fruit - all this improve the quality of the work place. We also know that constant stereotype is not good for everyone, hence in SCS you can get fun and special tasks like SFX recording, crash tests, meeting the community, gaming shows like Gamescom, get own animation or face in the game and more. We also provide 5 extra days of holiday (on top of 20), flexible working hours and lunch discounts.

Job offers

Junior 3D Artist – Road Department

We are looking for junior, talented graphic designer who will bring some new spirit to our creative team and projects. Experience is gathered as we grow over time and we will guide you to be your best. We offer an opportunity to participate in our worldwide renowned projects.

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Senior Tester

We are looking for a Senior Tester with testing experience and positive connection with truck simulators to join our team. Do you want to be part of gaming development and participate in the improvement of our games? Then you are who we are looking for!

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Senior 3D Artist - Vehicle Modeller

We are looking for a skilled senior 3D graphics artist with hard surface modelling experience to join our team. If you have skills in creating 3D models, especially in transport techniques (cars, trucks, construction, etc), experience in leading a team and are willing to learn new skills, you are exactly the one we are looking for.

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Are you a seasoned game developer or a young prodigy enthralled by game development? Either way, you may be a perfect fit for our expanding team. Whether your area of expertise is rendering, physics, audio, AI, networking, or anything else related to game development, we are always on the lookout for great minds willing to join us in the development of world-class truck simulator games.

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Senior 3D Artist

We are looking for a skilled senior 3D Artist with a passion for games to join our team. If you have experience with creating 3D models (buildings, vegetation, vehicles…), fulfilling the production pipeline, deadlines or maybe you have led a smaller team of artist on some dedicated tasks, then you are the right person we are looking for.

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Junior World/Map Designer

Did you ever want to create a whole world in a game? Objects, scenes, villages, towns, cities, terrain, environment? Would you like to put these pieces of puzzle together and bring the world of maps to life? Then you come and create the world our players desire!

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Senior World/Map Designer

We are looking for a senior in-game world designer. If you have any experience with creating environment, terrains, cities and all their surroundings, fulfilling the production pipeline, deadlines and maybe you have led a smaller team of designers on some dedicated tasks, then you are the right person we are looking for.

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