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Prism3D technology is a mature, stable, flexible and reliable development platform with a solid line of finished products under its belt.

The engine has a huge feature set, combining extremely efficient scalable rendering on a wide range graphical hardware, with advanced physics, and a lightweight core backend with full support for object de/serialization.

However Prism3D represents far more than a game-engine - a powerful toolset supports the complete development pipeline - from asset creation in Maya, through automated asset conversion, to a one-touch build and product deployment system.


Prism3D is ready for multiplatform and console developement, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit target architectures out of the box. Whether developing for Windows, OSX, or Linux, Prism3D has the tools you need.

Written entirely in C++, the Prism3D codebase was developed in parallel on multiple platforms, with modern development practices in mind. Code is consistent, object-oriented, and well documented throughout. Highly visible unit-tests help to maintain a consistently high standard of reliability.

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